Design and printing

Welcome to the page regarding your design process. Do you have a question or are you encountering some problem? There is a good chance that you will find the solution in this overview.

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What should I take into account with the design?

These are the 4 most important points you need to take into account:

1. First of all, it is important to take the printing method into account. For digital printing we use 4 colors (CMYK). With the flexo printing method we can use PMS colors and full color.

2. Provide high-quality images and deliver your logo in a vectorized AI/PDF or EPS file for a nice, sharp result.

3. Make sure that text and/or important elements are 5 mm away from the edge.

4. Don't forget to place the mandatory SUP marking on the cups.

The steps are explained in more detail in our blog 'How do I design my own coffee cup'.

There are of course a lot of possibilities for the design of your cup. Do you want more inspiration? Make your brand stand out with personalized cups from CUPSZ!

Would you like to submit a design yourself?

If you want to submit a design yourself, you can use our rectangular templates. There are certain requirements in order to provide you with a proof. We would like to receive the completed template in the .PDF or .AI file type. These files are vectorized and when deformed into a fan shape, provide the best result on a cup.

Would you like us to make a free design for you?

No problem, we're happy to do it! We would like to receive your logo, corporate identity, photo or other wishes. Indicate how creative we can be and we will get to work immediately. Curious about what our design studio can do for you? Request your digital proof here.

Can I supply a .JPEG file?

If you want to submit a .JPEG file, this is only possible if the resolution of your file is at least 300 dpi. This file format is made of pixels, which makes the image blocky / pixelated after zooming in.

The template I received is rectangular. Shouldn't it be conical (fan-shaped)?

No, we work with rectangular templates. We know from experience that designing a coffee cup can sometimes be quite difficult. Formatting a file that is conical or fan-shaped can cause deviation in certain lines. And that would make a passable result. We want a perfect end product, that is why we do it ourselves with high-tech software, so that you are always assured of the best results.

Are you unsure whether your design will look good on a cup? Before we put the cups into production, you will always receive a proof for validation.

Can the design continue on the cup?

It is possible! However, the production of coffee cups remains a mechanical process. We therefore cannot guarantee that the design matches exactly on every cups. A maximum deviation of 1.5 mm is possible.

Haven't placed an order yet, but would like to see the proof?

No problem! We will also be happy to help by preparing a proof, free of any obligation.

Request your digital proof here.

Can you help me design my coffee cups?

Of course, we'd love to! With our own design studio, we have a lot of experience in designing cardboard coffee cups. From only placing your logo or creating a cup completely in your brand identity. We would like to receive your logo, brand identity, photos or other wishes and we will get started right away!

What can I print on coffee cups?

Everything! The possibilities for printing cardboard coffee cups are endless. We amaze our customers with our creative designs, and vice versa. You still need inspiration for your design? In our blog 'personalized coffee cups from CUPSZ' we give you 6 inspiring tips for printing cardboard coffee cups!

What is the SUP marking?

Paper cups contain a thin coating of plastic, which ensures that the cups do not leak. When the coffee cups end up in nature, they are not broken down and only the coating remains. To make users aware of the possible environmental damage, every drinking cup delivered after July 3, 2021 must contain the SUP marking.

The marking consists of a red and a blue box with the text below “PRODUCT CONTAINS PLASTIC”. This indicates that you should not throw the cup away in nature.

Read this blog if you want to know more about SUP legislation and the requirements.

Questions about our disposables?

At CUPSZ we like to think along with you and we are always there for you. We provide packaging material with a logo or message that you are proud of!