Cardboard bowls

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What bowl sizes can I choose from?

You can choose from 3 bowl sizes: 750 ml (26 oz), 1000 ml (32 oz.) and 1300 ml (40 oz.) These sizes indicate the usage quantities of the bowl.

The dimensions of these bowls are:

750 ml:

  • Height: 60 mm
  • Top diameter: 149.5 mm
  • Bottom diameter: 128.5 mm

1000 ml:

  • Height: 78.5 mm
  • Top diameter: 149.5 mm
  • Bottom diameter: 126.7 mm

1300 ml:

  • Height: 67 mm
  • Top diameter: 184 mm
  • Bottom diameter: 160.5 mm

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Are certain formats specifically suitable for a particular application?

The 750 ml is the smallest size in our range, but large enough for most dishes. This bowl is often seen and used at festivals when handing out pasta and other meals.

The 1000 ml bowl is most commonly used for poke bowls. Because the bowl is higher than the other sizes, it is ideal for dishes with toppings.

The 1300 ml bowl is the largest size bowl in our range. This can be used for everything and is very popular for salads and breakfast bowls.

How thick is the cardboard of a bowl?

To make the bowls as sturdy as possible, we have carefully selected the cardboard types and thicknesses. The cardboard we use consists of several layers. We have made these choices because the bowl retains its strength and is therefore suitable as to-go packaging.

The thickness of the cardboard is indicated in grams per square meter of cardboard. In addition, the thickness of the PE is taken into account.

For our bowls, the thickness of the cardboard is 230 grams per square meter + 15 grams of PE per square meter.

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Is the bowl resistant to liquids such as dressings and sauces?

Of course! There is a layer of polyethylene (PE) on the inside of the bowl. This PE layer functions as a barrier between your dish and the cardboard.

Thanks to the PE layer, sauces, dressings or other liquids will not leak through the bowl.

What is the minimum order quantity for the bowls?

You can order our bowls from 2,100 pieces.

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Which accessories can I choose from?

To complete your experience, you can choose to add lids to your order. The lids are available for all sizes.

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