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What sizes of cardboard coffee cups can I choose from?

You can choose from 5 coffee cup sizes: 100 ml (4 oz.), 150 ml (6 oz.), 180 ml (7.5 oz.), 225 ml (8 oz.) (single wall / double wall) and 300 ml ( 12 oz.). These sizes indicate the usage quantities of the paper cups.

The filling quantity, if the cup is filled to the brim, is of course larger.

Double-walled coffee cup

The double-walled coffee cup is only available in the 225 ml size. This size is suitable for coffee, cappuccino and tea. These cups are also interesting at trade fairs because of their luxurious appearance

View the double-walled coffee cup here

Other sizes?

It is not possible to deviate from these dimensions. A different machine is required for each coffee cup size. We only have machines in the current sizes.

Are certain formats specifically suitable for a particular application?

Each cardboard coffee cup naturally has its own application, for example :

The 100 ml is suitable for espressos or tasting sessions.

The 150 ml is suitable for regular coffee, tea, water.

The 180 ml is perfect for coffee from coffee machines *

The 225 ml is suitable for coffee, cappuccino and tea.

The 300 ml is suitable for larger beverages such as lattes and milkshakes, juices, beers...

*Please contact us before ordering your 180 ml cups, we need to know if our cups are compatible with your coffee machine.

How thick is the cardboard of a coffee cup?

To keep the coffee cups as sturdy as possible, the cardboard types and thicknesses have been carefully selected. The thickness of the cardboard is indicated in grammage per square meter of cardboard. In addition, the thickness of the PE is taken into account.

For the 100 ml, 180 ml and 225 ml cups, the thickness of the cardboard is 235 grams per square meter + 18 grams of PE per square meter.

A thicker cardboard was chosen for the 300 ml, because this cup is larger. The thickness of the cardboard is 285 grams + 18 grams of PE.

Our choice of materials ensures that the cups are extra sturdy and radiate quality.

Double-walled coffee cup

The double-walled coffee cup consists of two parts:

  • A blank cardboard coffee cup
  • A printed cardboard sleeve

The cardboard coffee cup is made of 235 grams + 18 grams. The chosen grammage ensures a sturdy cup. The cardboard is unprinted, because it ultimately ends up under the sleeve.

The printed cardboard sleeve has a thickness of 215 grams of cardboard per square meter. The sleeve does not contain PE, because it is already present in the cup. The sleeve is finally attached with glue.

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Which coffee cup is suitable for vending machines?

Many companies use coffee machines. The suitable size for most coffee machines for this purpose is the 180 ml coffee cup. This cup is constructed with an upper diameter of 70 mm.

The dimensions of this cup are:

  • Height: 92 mm
  • Top diameter: 70 mm
  • Bottom diameter: 46 mm

Always check in advance with your coffee supplier whether the 180 ml cup fits in your coffee machine.

Are you in doubt?

Test for yourself which format suits you by requesting our trial package. This contains some sample cups. This way you can be sure that you are making the right choice.

What are the double wall coffee cups?

Double-walled coffee cups are the upgraded version of single-walled cups. An extra sleeve is attached to a white single-walled cup by means of glue. Because the sleeve is around the single-walled cup, a space is created in between. This ensures that the cups are extra resistant to the hot drinks. This makes the double-walled cardboard ideal as a to-go coffee cup.

Which accessories can I choose from?

To complete your cup experience, there are various accessories that you can add to your order. You can choose from lids and stirrers. The lids are available in all sizes, both single-walled and double-walled.

See our accessories here.

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