Want to print cardboard coffee cups in small or large quantities?

CUPSZ is the specialist in printing coffee cups. We print your paper cups with your own logo, company name or message on our own printing presses. Sometimes you don't need a huge quantity of CUPSZ and you want your cardboard coffee cups to be printed in small quantities, but it may also be that you want to order a year's supply and are therefore looking for large quantities.

There are different methods to print your cups. Depending on the size of the print run, a choice is made for a particular printing technique. In this blog we explain which printing method is most suitable for printing coffee cups in small and large quantities.

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What printing techniques are available for printing cardboard coffee cups in small and large quantities?

CUPSZ has production entirely in-house, which is what makes us unique. In our production facility we use two types of printing techniques: Digital printing & UV flexo. These printing techniques differ enormously from each other and each has its own quality. We use digital printing for printing coffee cups in small quantities and we choose the UV-flexo technique for printing coffee cups in large quantities.

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Digitally printing paper cups in a small edition. Digital printing technology uses digital files. The digital image is printed directly onto the material with food-safe inks. This is very similar to the color printer that you use at home or in the office. This technique therefore does not use printing plates and the start-up costs are low, which saves costs! Delivery times are getting shorter and the quality is getting higher, which is why this technique is excellent for printing your coffee cups in small quantities!
Almost all color prints are possible by using Full Color – CYMK! These colors stand for Cyan, Magenta Yellow & Black. By combining these colors we can print (almost) all colors!


Print paper cups in UV-Flexo for large print runs

At UV-Flexo we can print your to-go coffee cups in large quantities and we use ink. We use silicone printing plates to print the coffee cups with ink. You can compare this with a very large stamp. The start-up costs are slightly higher with this printing technique, but the speed of the machine is also much higher. This makes this printing technique interesting from 25,000 cups.
Another big advantage of UV flexo is the colors. We use Pantone colors (PMS). By using this technique we can always print the right color for you! Of course, with the advent of SUP legislation, some things have changed regarding the colors. We are happy to look and discuss the options with you.



Which printing technique should I choose?

Choose digital printing for:
  • Printing coffee cups in small quantities
  • Starting from 250 pieces (up to +/- 25,000 pieces)
  • Fast delivery (within 8 days)
  • Full color printing (CMYK)

Choose WBFlexo printing for:

  • Printing coffee cups in large quantities
  • From 25,000 pieces
  • 4 week delivery
  • Printing in CMYK

Questions? CUPSZ is happy to help you!

Curious about which printing technique we would advise you? We are experts in printing cardboard coffee cups and are happy to discuss the options with you. Complete the contact form or contact us at 088-0184 600 or sales@cupsz.com.

Do you have more questions about supplying a large or small edition of cups? Please see our Shipping and Delivery FAQ.


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