Print your own cup? Order from 250 pieces

At CUPSZ we print your cups with the logo, name or slogan of your company. That's simple and fast, right here in Tilburg. At CUPSZ we have the entire production process of printing your cup and disposable bowls in-house. This includes everything from printing on digital presses to building on our machines. By arranging all of this internally, we are able to switch quickly and offer you the excellent quality of CUPSZ in no time. You can order 250 pieces and shipping is free!

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Want to have cups printed?

Even if you don't yet know exactly how you can print your cup, we will help you: we will make a free design and you will also receive a free 3D proof, so that you know exactly how your cups will be printed.

Ready to get started? Then quickly calculate the price and put together your cup. If you are curious about our printed cups, you can always request the free trial package to discover what is possible!

Possibilities for printed cups

Printed cups with your company's logo ensure that not only colleagues, but also customers come into contact with your message. Printing paper cups is also an efficient way to convey your brand to many other people at meetings and events. Everyone has to have a drink at some point and then spends a few minutes holding cups printed with your message in his or her hands. That really makes an impression!

Print your cups in various sizes

The 100ml cup is our smallest cup that you can customize. Perfect for a delicious espresso or tasting session. The 180ml cup is suitable for vending machine coffee* and soft drinks.

*please contact us before buying your 180ml coffee cup to check the compatibility with your machine.

Cappuccinos, tea and larger quantities are best served in a 225ml printed coffee cup. Latte macchiatos, chocolate milk and other beverages are best presented in a 300ml cup.

We are curious what you will use our printed cardboard coffee cups for!

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Order up to 25,000 printed paper cups online

CUPSZ supplies printed coffee cups from 250 pieces. You can order up to 25,000 cups from us via the website. View our price list here.

At CUPSZ you can order the following coffee cup sizes:

Quantities larger than 25,000 are also no problem for us. We would be happy to make a tailored quotation for you.


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Suitable for espressos and small tasting sessions to larger quantities of hot and cold drinks. Do you want to have coffee cups printed with your logo or message? Then you've come to the right place!

Questions about our disposables?

At CUPSZ we like to think along with you and we are always there for you. We provide packaging material with a logo or message that you are proud of!