Discover the 8 coolest designs for summer!

Tropical colors, summer prints or beachy vibes, everything is possible on a cardboard coffee cup from CUPSZ! Strengthen your brand experience and radiate the energy of the summer season in line with your brand. Get inspired for the hot days below!

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Each design is a visual feast from Roots! Designs that stick and that can be used to take cool Insta photos.


Roots zomerse koffiebeker


Enjoy the salty breeze in the morning sun by the sea with a delicious coffee in your hand. Do you also get a beachy vibe from this coffee cup?


Habana beach zomerse koffiebeker


Le Petit Deli's cups are beautifully decorated with hand-drawn illustrations of their own pastries. Each design is unique and exudes a French atmosphere.


Le Petit Delit zomerse koffiebeker


Bring back summer by using different colored cups in a sleeve, as Pep's & Co has done.


Pep's & co zomerse koffiebeker


Enjoy a delicious cappuccino from these cheerful cups from By Lima. A coffee from a cheerful coffee cup in the morning means a day without worries!


By Lima zomerse koffiebeker


Rudy's Coffee focuses on sustainability through its green and dynamic design. Enjoy your cup of coffee responsibly.


Rudy's Coffee zomerse koffiebeker


Just like this ice cream shop, add a touch of style to every bite you take with a refreshing design across the entire cup.


IJssalon zomerse koffiebeker


We wish you a Bon Dia! The background color fits perfectly with the logo and the atmosphere that Bon Dia wants to radiate.


Bon Dia zomerse koffiebeker


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Suitable for espressos and small tasting sessions to larger quantities of hot and cold drinks. Do you want to have coffee cups printed with your logo or message? Then you've come to the right place!

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