Would you like to have packaging printed by CUPSZ?

Do you want to let your brand speak and inspire your customers with your takeaway packaging? At CUPSZ, you can have food packaging printed with your brand and design. Whether you work in the catering industry or in an office, whether you need small coffee cups or bowls, you can contact us for printed packaging in all shapes and sizes. And, more importantly, they are durable and of high quality.

Our service stands out because we can arrange for you the entire process in printing packaging from A to Z. From design to printing, we have everything under control - including designing the most beautiful bowls and cups. Our design studio ensures that your brand is perfect on the packaging, while our sustainable printing company delivers top quality with the greatest respect for people and the environment.

Every company that offers takeaway needs food packaging. At CUPSZ, we understand that you prefer to have packaging printed that has that little bit extra. A beautiful coffee cup or bowl with your brand and appearance immediately makes the customer experience more positive. And it also contributes to your brand awareness.

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The design is the first step

It all starts with a good design when you want to have your packaging printed. But we go even further and ensure that the size is perfect, so that your brand shines brightly on the printed packaging. Don't have a design yet? Even then there is no problem. Our design studio is creative, committed and fast. We listen carefully to what you want to radiate and know how to convert that into a beautiful print free of charge. As far as we are concerned, the possibilities are endless. You decide how creative we can be.

Ready to unleash your creativity? With our template it's a piece of cake. Easily import the rectangular format into your favorite design software - whether you prefer Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Have you already made a start on your design? Don't worry, our experts are ready to refine your ideas and have your packaging printed with the message you want to convey.

Will you be working on the design yourself? Please take the following conditions into account:

  • Format your files in CMYK color profile
  • Always use vector files
  • You want an image or photo in the design? Then ensure a minimum resolution of 300 dpi


The print proof

Once the design is done, we will not immediately start printing the packaging. First you will receive a proof from us. This way you can see whether the design actually turns out as you expected. We make adjustments without any problems and we are happy to make a second proof for you if necessary. Are you satisfied with the logo, message and design? Then it's time to have the packaging printed!

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Sustainable printed packaging

As far as we are concerned, sustainability and quality go hand in hand. Our bowls and cups are printed on sturdy and durable cardboard, also known as Kraft. Kraft has a brown background instead of a white one. This immediately gives your printed packaging an organic and sustainable appearance.

The cardboard we use comes from Scandinavia and is produced under European guidelines. It is FSC® (C016393) certified. This ensures that nature is respected and preserved. We also use long paper fibers. This makes our products extra sturdy and you can use them multiple times. So sustainable!

How do I start?

Would you like to ask us a question about having packaging printed? Or do you need help? Please feel free to contact us. And who knows, our packaging may soon be in your office or restaurant!


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Questions about our disposables?

At CUPSZ we like to think along with you and we are always there for you. We provide packaging material with a logo or message that you are proud of!