Take away packaging with your own logo

Do you want to level up your company's visibility? Then it's time to upgrade your take away packaging with your own brand name and logo! Because eye-catching packaging is not only a practical solution, it is also a powerful marketing instrument that distinguishes your brand from the rest. Imagine: you are at a food market and you are looking for something tasty to eat. You see people walking by with colorful take-out boxes and a delicious-looking meal inside. The stylish box with the striking logo catches your attention and you ask them where they got this culinary treat. Without that eye-catching food packaging, you probably wouldn't have even noticed what they were eating. The design of your packaging is therefore a powerful tool to promote your brand and attract customers. Whether you organize a food truck festival or run a takeaway restaurant, Team CUPSZ makes your company shine!


A take away packaging from CUPSZ

At CUPSZ we are experts in the field of take away packaging and we have everything you need to take your to go service to the next level! Our coffee cups range from 100ml to 300ml, so whether you're hosting an espresso tasting or simply want to serve a delicious cappuccino, we have the perfect size for you. But we don't just offer coffee cups. Our bowls are also available in three sizes: 750ml, 1000ml and 1300ml, they are perfect for a range of meals and snacks. Whether you run a food truck and are looking for smaller cardboard containers or want to offer family portions that people can easily share, we have the perfect solution for you. Choose CUPSZ and impress your customers with our high-quality, functional and stylish packaging!

Design a take away packaging

Our design studio can create beautiful designs based on the wishes of our customers. We think along with you and are creative, but always within the framework you give us. Your take away packaging is the way to draw attention to your brand name, from logos to full-prints with QR codes. Nothing is too crazy for us.

Are you a design master and want to stay in control? Then download our templates from the website and let your creativity run wild! You can easily customize your design and make it fit perfectly on our cups and bowls. Whether you want to add a logo, slogan or image, everything is possible! For even more inspiration and ideas you can also take a look at our website.


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This is how you achieve optimal results

At CUPSZ we know what is important when it comes to printing your own take away packaging. We would like to help you achieve the best results. Remember that white is not printable, so take this into account in your design. Also make sure you always use vector files for a sharp result. If you choose an image, make sure it is high resolution so that your logo or design looks great on your custom packaging.

A sustainable & sturdy take away packaging

In addition to a beautiful design, you also want high-quality take away packaging. Our cardboard is produced as sustainably as possible, taking people and the environment into account. In addition, we work with long paper fibers, which makes the packaging extra sturdy. You can use a take away packaging from CUPSZ several times, for example if you place your beautiful printed coffee cups in the office.

Our accessories

A take away packaging is nothing without matching accessories. Have you had a beautiful printed coffee cup made? Make sure you order a suitable lid and wooden stirrers. These are also available in our sustainable cardboard. You can easily add the accessories during the ordering process of your take away packaging. Would you like more information first? Please contact our contact persons or request a quote without obligation.


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