Make your brand stand out with personalized cups from CUPSZ!

Do you also think that coffee cups quickly look the same? Stand out by turning it into a personalized cardboard coffee cup! This way your brand stands out during a trade fair, event, at the office or in gyms.

CUPSZ specializes in designing personalized coffee cups and packaging, so we are happy to help you make your cup unique. In this blog, we give tips to make your coffee cup even more personal, so that you can then give your brand a big boost!

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Do you want to print a personalized coffee cup? Then you have come to the right place at CUPSZ. As a manufacturer, it is our responsibility to ensure that your personalized coffee cups are printed sustainably and are created in a personal manner, in line with your brand. Give your cup that little bit extra, think of a cool text, logo, one or more colors of background or print the cup in its entirety with a photo. We provide top quality that you will not find anywhere else. There are many options and we have listed six tips for you:

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1: Personalize a coffee cup: Make your message visual with a photo

How cool is it to personalize a cup with a full color photo over the entire coffee cup? Provide a beautiful photo and we will provide sharp and beautiful colors so that your visual message comes out perfect.

2: Add graphic elements

Use your corporate identity or expand your brand experience by adding graphic elements and colors. For example, consider geometric shapes or the entire cup in the color of your logo. If you can't figure it out, we are happy to take a look with you or be inspired by the 6 most beautiful designs for printing paper coffee cups.

3. Tell a story on your cups

Storytelling is a very important part of the brand experience and you naturally want to extend it to everything, including your own personal coffee cups. You can personalize your cup with a specific company value, message or slogan to emphasize your identity.

4. Scan me! Use QR codes

QR codes are becoming increasingly common and are an interesting addition to a personalized coffee cup. You can link a QR code to a video, a nice discount or to your website, but remember to mention this with the code on the cup. Give them a reason to scan the code and trigger their curiosity.

5. Extend your exposure!

Ensure that users keep your cups in their hands even longer and opt for an offer or promotional code on the personalized cup. This way, your target group will have the cup in their hands for a longer period of time, for example to return the cup or to save the code.

6. Multiple designs in one order

At CUPSZ we give the option to combine multiple designs in one order. This allows you to play with different colors or texts, so you can convey your message in a unique way and create a personal coffee cup for every moment.

Additional tip!
Keep it simple and add no more than one of the above personalization to your cup. Then the message remains clear and accessible to the user.

Are you still struggling with your design for your personalized coffee cup?

You have no idea where you want to go with your design or you have a question about your personalized coffee cup? Please feel free to contact us. We are creative, think along with you and act quickly. We make any desired design on a cup, free of charge, so that your customer will be pleasantly surprised.


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