Discover the ideal disposable coffee cup size for your company!

The days of “can I have a black coffee” are long gone. Today, consumers expect a range of options when they step into a café, from lattes and americanos to chocolate milk and cold brews.

When buying coffee to go, each drink requires a disposable coffee cup that matches the order. For example, an espresso requires a smaller cup than a flat white, which also requires a smaller cup than a cappuccino or frappé.

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This is crucial not only to provide the customer with the best possible experience, but also to reduce waste and costs.

But how does it work in the office? Or if I'm at a trade fair?

To help you avoid getting lost in the different sizes and styles of paper cups, we've put together a guide on how to choose the perfect size paper cups for your business.

The different sizes of coffee cups with quantity ml:

100 ml - 4 oz – Espresso cup

Small cups with character! The 100 ml cup is suitable for small quantities of drinks and is ideal for short, strong Italian coffees. Think of single or double espresso and cortados. These small cups are also often used for tasting sessions. We offer lids for even the smallest cup, so you can also use this cup to go.

150 ml - 6 oz – the ultimate coffee cup for popular coffees

The most popular coffee in an even better format! The 150 ml cup makes it possible to offer the hippest coffees. Many baristas have therefore switched to using this size instead of the 180 ml cup. This cup is lower and wider than a 180 ml and fits perfectly with the other sizes. This size is also very popular for events such as fairs, salons and exhibitions.

180 ml - 7.5 oz – the cup for coffee machines

The 180 ml is the standard coffee cup. Water and coffee fit perfectly here. By the

standard dimensions of this cup, it fits in most coffee machines. This cup is often used at sports clubs and in company canteens.

225 ml - 8 oz – the all-rounder

The 225 ml coffee cup is the most versatile cup in our range. All drinks go in it, it fits under any coffee maker and has the highest communication value on social media. Extra space for your print means extra attention for your brand!

300 ml - 12 oz – the big brother

The 300 ml is the largest cup in our range and is used for larger quantities of drinks. Perfect for original and tasty creations, such as latte macchiato, American coffee, hot chocolate; finished with whipped cream and small marshmallows. With this format and your creativity you can go wild! It is the largest coffee cup in our range and therefore has the most space for your own logo.


Usage quantity VS full fill quantity

Many cups are marketed based on the ideal filling amount rather than the actual content. For example, a 180 ml cup can hold 200 ml to the brim, but it is more ideal to put 180 ml in it. If you want to put 200 ml in it, then it is better to go for the 225 ml! That means less mess and a better experience for yourself and your customer.

Do you want to know exactly what the maximum quantities are? You can see that below:



Radiate luxury and comfort with the double-walled cup

We also offer the 225 ml cup as a double-walled cup. Double-walled cups have a slightly different construction. These are made of two layers of paper, between which air circulates. The advantages? A cup that retains heat better and a much lower outside temperature.

We often call double-walled paper cups the 'comfort option'. The extra layer of cardboard provides a more pleasant experience. The double-walled cups are more elegant, pleasant to wear and provide a luxurious appearance.

Our 'comfort option' is also ideal if your customers or guests drink their drinks slowly, because the insulating air layer keeps the contents warm or cold. This ensures that your own personalized coffee cup from CUPSZ can be seen for even longer!

Test the formats yourself!

Still not quite sure? Then request a trial package! Nothing can replace the feeling of the cups in your own hands!

Do you have more questions about printing cardboard coffee cups? You will find answers to all your questions in our extensive cardboard coffee cups FAQ.

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