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You put a disposable coffee cup to your lips without thinking. Yet, as far as we are concerned, there is a story behind every coffee cup. In fact, we think this story should be on the coffee cup. At CUPSZ we believe that high-quality, sustainable and beautiful coffee cups make the difference. This is precisely how you can let your brand and vision speak. That is why you can buy coffee cups from us, but also have them printed.


Have coffee cups printed

We know everything about printing coffee cups. If you decide to buy coffee cups from us, we will help you from A to Z. We have our own design studio and our designers are happy to think with you about how you can represent your story in the best possible way. Whether it concerns placing a logo or creating a completely new design. Tell us your wishes and we will get to work for you.
Request your free digital proof

Are you experienced in design yourself? Then you might prefer to order coffee cups with the design that you have developed. In that case, use our templates. You can easily import these into your own design program. This way you can be sure that you are working with the correct format.

We take care of the rest of the process. To be sure that the coffee cups you buy are what you want, you must of course be 100% behind the design. That is why you always receive a proof from us first. Only after your approval will we start the rest of the production process.


Sustainable coffee cups

Sustainability is no longer a trend, but a necessity for all of us. We understand better than anyone how important it is to cherish and protect our planet for future generations. That is why we continuously strive to offer sustainable solutions to our customers, with the top priority being to reduce our ecological footprint.

With us you can find coffee cups that are not only sturdy and practical, but also sustainably produced. Our coffee cups are made from high-quality cardboard that comes from responsibly managed forests. By choosing our sustainable coffee cups, you contribute to reducing waste and conserving our natural resources.

We also work in a sustainable manner in the rest of the process. We look for the most environmentally friendly solution every step of the way. Production takes place in our own factory in the Netherlands. This means you can buy coffee cups from us that only travel a limited number of kilometers to arrive at your destination. This way we keep our CO2 emissions limited.

The cardboard we work with is of high quality. This has two advantages: the coffee cups that our customers buy can be used multiple times. This reduces the number of coffee cups needed. Moreover, our products are easy to recycle. Our thin coating can be easily removed from the cardboard. The cardboard can then be used again as a raw material.

Buy coffee cups for your office or catering business

Do you want sustainable and personalized coffee cups at your office or in your catering business? You can easily request a quote via our website. If you have any questions, you can also contact us.


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