Want to print a coffee cup to go at CUPSZ?

In the Netherlands, the concept of 'coffee to go' is becoming increasingly popular. It is a lifestyle that originated in the United States and is gaining popularity. It's hip, easy and the coffee on the go gives you a good start to the day. In addition, your printed coffee cup to go gives extra exposure to your brand, marketing expression on the street. Do you perhaps want to have your coffee cup printed with a special message so that everyone starts their morning with a smile ? Whether the user is walking on the street, in the car or waiting for the bus, you give them an extra moment to enjoy a coffee to go without any worries. With our design studio and printing facility we deliver coffee cups of the highest quality.

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Print a to-go cup?

The material for the to go coffee cup is made of the most environmentally friendly and strongest cardboard from Scandinavia. This keeps the contents of the cup at the right temperature for a long time and does not radiate outside. With a lid, the to-go coffee cup is the most handy and you can be sure that you won't spill anything during your somewhat hurried morning. The lids are available in white or black and have a drinking hole, so easy! The to go option is suitable for all types of coffee; from espressos to latte macchiatos and for both single-walled and double-walled cups.


Photo quality on the to go coffee cup

Of course, at CUPSZ it is also possible to have the coffee cup printed to go. This is done completely in-house. We ensure that the print is applied on the cup in high photo quality!

You need help with the design? Our own design team can help you translate your message into a suitable image for the cup.

Would you rather get started yourself? You can always supply the design yourself using our templates !

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Suitable for espressos and small tasting sessions to larger quantities of hot and cold drinks. Do you want to have coffee cups printed with your logo or message? Then you've come to the right place!

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At CUPSZ we like to think along with you and we are always there for you. We provide packaging material with a logo or message that you are proud of!