Cardboard cups with less than 5% plastic and 100% recyclable

CUPSZ's cardboard coffee cups now contain less than 5% plastic as standard! We can also help you with the collection and recycling of your printed cups. This ensures compliance with the latest laws and regulations and marks an important step towards a more sustainable future. What does this mean? Find out below.


What does this legislation entail?

As of January 1, 2024, cardboard coffee cups can be used for on-site consumption in the Netherlands provided the following conditions are met:

  • The cardboard cups can contain a maximum of 5% plastic.
  • The cardboard cups must be 100% recyclable.
  • You can show that 75% of the used cups are collected for recycling in 2024.
  • Organizations must register with the ILT via a registration form.
  • You must keep records of the collection for recycling in 2024 and retain them for at least 3 years.

For to-go consumption, there are no requirements for the composition of the cardboard coffee cups.

For more information about the legislation applicable in your country, please contact us.


What solution do we offer?

Cardboard cups with less than 5% Plastic:

    We continue to innovate and always look for the most sustainable option. With our expertise, we have developed a new cup that contains less than 5% plastic! The amount of PE (polymers) in cardboard cups has been reduced without making the cardboard thicker.
    Within CUPSZ, this will be the standard from July 1. We will However continue to offer the possibility of other types of coatings. Of course, you can continue to rely on the quality you are used to.

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    Recycling of cardboard cups:

      CUPSZ helps companies collect and recycle cardboard cups in the Netherlands! The cups are collected via special collection bins and picked up from you. The recycling process then begins, in which the plastic coating is separated from the paper fibres, and the cardboard and plastic can be reused for various applications. We also help you with your registration with ILT and the administration thereof.
      For more information about cup recycling in your country, please contact us.

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      Questions ?

      Do you have questions or want to know more about our new cups with less than 5% plastic and high-quality recycling? Contact us at +31 88 0184 600 or send an e-mail to We are ready to help you make the best choices for your company.

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