The production of our CO2-neutral packaging

In a sustainable and circular way

From raw materials to the moment you put the cup to your lips for the first sip of coffee. In every step of this process we look for the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

With our years of experience in the printing world, we know how to make the most sustainable packaging solutions. Would you like to know how we produce our sustainable takeaway cup and to go bowls? You can read it below.

It starts with the cardboard

We attach great importance to the origin and the way in which our cardboard is made. With every step we take, we want nature to be respected and preserved. The cardboard we use comes from Scandinavia and is produced under European guidelines and FSC® (C016391) certified. Ask about our FSC-certified printed products!

Did you know that our cardboard is made from long paper fibers, boosting the strength of each cup. This ensures that the cup is extra sturdy and that you can reuse each cup several times!

  • 01. Responsible forestry (FSC)

    The wood we use for our cardboard comes from forests in Sweden and Finland that are controlled by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Our certificate number is SCS-COC-000652-ALG. With our certification we contribute to the conservation of forests worldwide.

  • 02. Conservation of nature

    For every tree harvested, our supplier plants 2 or even 3 new trees. This helps restore forests, preventing deforestation. It also empowers forest owners to sustainably manage their land, avoiding conversion to palm oil, soy, or livestock farming areas.

  • 03. Local production

    Production takes place in our own factory in the Netherlands. By shipping our sustainable food packaging from the Netherlands, the kilometers are limited and therefore so is our CO2 footprint. This approach ensures we impact the environment as less as possible.

Energy neutral production in the Netherlands

At CUPSZ we have the entire production process in our own hands. From printing your eco friendly food packaging on our printing presses to making sustainable food packaging. In short: we arrange EVERYTHING!

Order locally!

Did you know that more than 90% of cups are produced in China? Ensure a low CO2 footprint by ordering Dutch products. Our recyclable coffee cups only have to travel a short distance to reach you. You can also be assured that our eco friendly food packaging meet all Dutch and European standards in the field of sustainability.

Sustainable printing

At the CUPSZ production center, 800 solar panels ensure energy-neutral production for our machines. We also take great care to minimize paper waste during the printing and production of your custom branded packaging, and all paper residues are of course recycled.

What impact do recyclable coffee cups have compared to alternatives?

The production of recyclable coffee cups is many times more sustainable than alternatives. The production of plastic cups, disposable containers, ceramic or aluminium cups, emits much more CO2. Let us explain how this works.

(Source: Stora Enzo)

How many recyclable coffee cups can you make to have a similar climate impact as one reusable cup?


Recyclable coffee cups compared to a ceramic mug


Recyclable coffee cups with lids compared to a reusable plastic cup with a lid


Recyclable coffee cups with lids compared to an aluminium cup

Warning! These figures are relevant only when comparing paper cup production to reusable cups. Interestingly, when factoring in dishwashing, 90% of the entire life cycle's CO2 emissions stem from washing dishes.

Give your printed products a second life

Reusable cups are difficult to recycle. CUPSZ eco friendly food containers are very easy to recycle. The PE is a thin film layer (coating) and can therefore be easily removed from the cardboard. The PE is separated from the cardboard and is reused as a raw material.

When a paper cup is recycled, greenhouse gas emissions drop from 8.4 kg CO2eq./1000 cups to 3.8g CO2eq./1000 cups. This is 50% of the emissions from washing a reusable cup in an efficient home dishwasher with a full load.

TIP: As a user you naturally want to get the most out of your eco friendly food containers. The carbon footprint is reduced by half if you use it twice!

The search for the most sustainable printed packaging does not stop

CUPSZ continues to innovate and keeps looking for an even more sustainable option.

We are actively working on the development of plastic-free eco friendly food packaging.

We are also exploring circular solutions, aiming to establish a collection system to give cardboard coffee cups and cardboard bowls a second life.

Rest assured, we are committed to providing you with the most sustainable coffee cups and eco friendly bowl for your coffee and meals.

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