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"The cups are the most shared topic on social media!"

At the beginning of this year I started my own coffee trailer and had to develop everything from scratch. This includes the coffee cups as well.

As a starting entrepreneur in an uncertain time, I didn't want to take too many risks and start cautiously. Buying tens of thousands of cups right away was not an option for me. Moreover, I wanted a high-quality cup that could put my brand on the map. Together with CUPSZ we worked on the design until we had the right end result. Fast, but with patience and thoughtfulness.

The cups were delivered quickly and it's possible to order from a small edition of 250 pieces. What the cup has done for me in communication has really surprised me. The cup is the most shared topic on social media. It has given Cup of Beans a face and is a genuine feel-good factor!

Marjolein Castle | Cup of Beans

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