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Imagine: you have prepared a fantastic meal and you want to present it in a professional way to your customers or guests. Beautiful packaging can make a difference and make your meal stand out even more. At CUPSZ we offer the option to print your meal containers with your own logo or corporate identity. By having your own logo or corporate identity printed on the meal containers, you not only create a professional appearance, but also a recognizable brand identity. You can choose a simple design or an extensive design with different colors and images. This way you can fully tailor your meal packaging to your brand or company.

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Meal packaging: sustainable and recyclable

But not only the appearance is important, our meal containers are also made from sustainable materials and can easily be recycled after use. This way you contribute to a better world and you can show your customers that you also think about the environment.

If you are looking for durable and high-quality meal containers with lids, then the meal containers from CUPSZ are an excellent choice. The cardboard we use meets the highest European standards. In addition, the cardboard has the FSC® quality mark, which stands for sustainable forest management.

The FSC® quality mark guarantees that the cardboard comes from forests that are managed responsibly. Both ecological and social aspects are taken into account. For example, only wood is used from forests whose biodiversity is protected and where the rights of local communities are respected.

As a supplier of sustainable packaging materials, we believe it is important to contribute to a better world. That is why we consciously choose cardboard with the FSC® quality mark, so that our customers can enjoy our products with peace of mind, without this being at the expense of the environment or the future of our planet.

Sturdy meal containers with lid

Our meal containers are made from a type of cardboard that contains 235 g/m2 + 18 g/m2 PE. And that only means one thing: extra strong containers with a natural look. This high-quality material ensures that our containers are sturdy and reliable, without affecting the taste of your delicious meal. No more leaking containers and no more worries about the taste of your dish. The cardboard meal containers from CUPSZ are also equipped with a lid, so that you can take your meal with you safely and hygienically. Whether you are on your way to work, organizing a picnic in the park or delivering a meal to your customers, with our meal boxes you are always assured of safe and hygienic transport.

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The big advantage of our meal boxes is that they can be ordered in smaller quantities. You can place an order with us from 2 100 pieces. Moreover, they are delivered in 5 to 6 weeks. Once you are satisfied with the design, you will first receive a free digital proof. Once you approve this, we will put the printing company to work. You don't have to worry about additional costs. We do not charge any extra costs for the design.

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