6 beautiful designs for printing paper cups

This blog article shows you that cool and diverse designs are suitable for printing on paper coffee cups. Our own design studio has once again been able to support many customers in designing their own unique coffee cups. We would like to show you which cups we find the most beautiful from last summer !

Autumn is almost upon us. That means it's time to look back at the most beautiful designs from summer. All these paper cups are designed by our own design studio and printed in full color.

1. BEER Arnhem

Send us some corporate identity elements and our designer will get to it! This also applies to the paper coffee cup for BEER Arnhem. We really kept their corporate identity. That is of course super important when you are just starting out as a catering company. We wish BEER Arnhem good luck with expanding the brand and are proud that the coffee CUPSZ are part of it.


"Do something fun!" is a sentence we often get and thanks to which our designers can express all their creativity. This also applies to flower boutique/coffee bar Flossy. For us, the ultimate challenge was to get the customer's thoughts on paper. By sparring together and sending multiple proofs, we achieved this striking end result. Three crazy and completely different coffee cups were finally printed, and we think this one is the most beautiful!


You can go in different directions with a paper coffee cup, so we were very impressed with this design. A good quality photo processed with graphic elements that provides a whole and a sturdy, robust appearance. Completely suitable for the customer. Our compliments!


We regularly make creative designs for Bloembar. Of course we incorporate flowers into the design every time. It is quite an art to come up with something unique with every new design. We have a good idea of ​​what customers have previously ordered from us and can therefore always propose a surprising and completely new design. We think this design really stands out and cannot be missing from this list.

5. 'T Govertje

't Govertje is a place to meet while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. The designer has managed to transfer this moment to the appearance of the coffee cup. A cool design, made in two different colors. If you find a design so nice and catchy, you will of course want it in multiple colors or in a small or large quantity. And this is possible at CUPSZ!

6. PON

The big event of the year: the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort. We have designed cups for various companies during this period, but the cup we designed for Move Amsterdam really stands out! Our designer got to work with beautifully supplied corporate identity elements, resulting in this cup. Beautiful lines and colors, which certainly radiate a racing feeling.

Impressed by our designs?

Would you also like to have a unique design printed on a paper coffee cup? Everything is possible at CUPSZ. Submit your wishes to us or let our designers create your unique coffee cup with their own creativity. We would like to surprise you with an awesome design. Request your digital proof without obligation and we will get to work for you!

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