CUPSZ introduces sustainable and locally made round packaging

There are all kinds of ways to spread your logo and message. Such as via social media, a magazine or a flyer. But from now on, it is also possible through a printed bowl thanks to CUPSZ. You can print these sustainable containers in full color and draw more attention to your logo and brand name.

Round sustainable food containers for salads, pokebowls or other to-go meals are usually shipped in bulk from Asia. CUPSZ now has a more sustainable alternative: cardboard bowls from our own country. They can be ordered in small quantity, made from FSC-certified cardboard and delivered within six to eight weeks.

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CUPSZ is a well-known company in the world of printed packaging. The Brabant company has been helping businesses increase their brand awareness for years with personalized coffee cups and sustainable printing. Because, a cup with a logo or message attracts attention. New in the range are cardboard bowls. A decision that has everything to do with sustainability. “Most cardboard bowls are produced in Asia with a minimum order of 100,000 pieces. We thought, this could be much more sustainable,” says Daan Willemsz, CEO of CUPSZ.


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Small quantity, fast delivery

CUPSZ invested in three machines for making cardboard bowls in different sizes: 750 ml, 1000 ml and 1300 ml. This means that these sustainable packaging solutions can now be purchased locally from a Dutch company with European quality standards. “We are the only supplier in Europe where you can order from 2 100 pieces. So you are not tied to a huge amount of bowls like with many other suppliers” Daan explains. “And because we produce the bowls in the Netherlands, our delivery time is much shorter than if they have to come all the way from Asia. We can deliver within a few weeks.”

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With nature in mind
The cardboard of these sustainable containers has also been carefully considered. “We only use FSC-certified cardboard. For every tree felled, the supplier ensures that several trees are replanted” says co-owner Michiel Willemsz. The fact that sustainability is important to the Willemsz brothers is also reflected in their business premises. “There are more than 600 solar panels on the roof. These ensure that our machines can produce energy neutrally to a large extent. We also ensure that we have little paper waste and we recycle all residual paper.”

Missed marketing opportunity
If you are interested in sustainable coffee cups or bowls and do not want to get them from far away, CUPSZ is the right solution for you. The Brabant brothers also hope to soon be an established name outside the Netherlands. “Our dream is to become the largest producer of round sustainable food packaging in Europe. We see a good market for this. Because if you ask us, every unprinted packaging is a missed marketing opportunity.”

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