It sounds so simple: a cup, a bowl. Yet, at CUPSZ, we understand the profound impact a custom cardboard packaging can have on your moments of relaxation or social gatherings. We believe in the power of printed food packaging to tell a story and to inspire those around you. Whether it's your brand's design, logo, or message we want to bring your vision to life. We stand for fast delivery, accommodating small and large quantities, and offering personal attention – values that define us as a reliable manufacturer of custom cardboard packaging.

Our story

The story of CUPSZ started in 2014 when the Brabant brothers Daan and Michiel Willemsz decided to turn their passion for coffee cups into their job. Since then, countless coffee cups have been designed and produced at Polluxstraat in Tilburg for customers all over Europe. To continue to innovate, we closely follow the latest developments. Recognizing the untapped potential in unprinted poké bowls and salad bowls, we expanded our repertoire in 2023 to include disposable container with lid. Our team is always able to help you with all your questions and wishes. What question do you have for team CUPSZ?

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Redefining Brand Communication

Our mission: Sustainable Brand Communication

Our mission at CUPSZ is to enable sustainable brand communication. By producing top quality and eco friendly cup and cardboard lunchbox, we provide an experience that goes beyond the product – a platform for your brand to tell its story.

Our vision: Leading in Printed Products

Looking ahead, we aspire to become the largest producer of printed cardboard container in Europe. Our vision is rooted in redefining brand awareness, adding value for our customers by increasing their brand awareness in an original way. This is our journey, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Everything in house !

CUPSZ has the entire production process of your eco friendly coffee cups and disposable bowl in-house. From printing on the digital press to folding on the machines. This means that we can switch quickly and deliver CUPSZ quality to you in no time!

How does that work? Once you've approved the proof, our team will start the production process. Your design is transformed into a fan-shaped file and printed on high-quality cardboard. A die-cutting machine precisely carves out these fans, which then head straight to our personalized paper cup and kraft bowl machines for the assembly.

When your branded packaging is ready for action, we prepare it for shipping. Carefully packed into suitable boxes, we optimize transport space, aligning with our commitment to environmental friendliness. Your printed products are then sent, marking the start of your new way of marketing.


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Questions about CUPSZ?

At CUPSZ, we're your collaborative partners, always ready to provide packaging material that showcases a logo or message you'll be proud of!